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What If?

What if? Two little words that hold so much potential. It’s what comes after that makes all the difference

  • What if….I quit my job and move to Hawaii to become a scuba instructor?
    • It would be AWESOME…except for the scuba part. I have to learn to do that first.
  • What if….I sat on the couch and didn’t move until I was caught up with Orange is the New Black?
    • This could happen (and probably will) sometime this week.
  • What if….I won the lottery?
    • First, I’d have to play the lottery, but if I did play and I did win I would move to Hawaii and open either a coffee shop or a bookstore…maybe a bookstore WITH a coffee shop inside!

What if….I started writing again? The last time I posted here was in April. It’s been almost four months and I haven’t written anything. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. I haven’t journaled or jotted down ideas for NaNo this year. Nothing. Not a word has flowed from my brain through my fingertips. I’ve missed it. I quit because the words wouldn’t come. My mojo…muse…inspiration flew the coop and forgot to leave a forwarding address. But Like Jack London said, “You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.” I’m done waiting. I may not use a club, but I’ll hunt it down and make it my own. It’s time to dust this page off and remember what I can do. blowing-dust-off-a-book.jpg

100 Words – The Peephole


This week’s word on the 100 Word Challenge is



“Ssshhhh…they’ll hear you!” I whispered. She placed a chubby hand over her mouth as we tiptoed forward. We heard the rustling of paper and the sharp zzzzzziiiiip of curling ribbon in between our quiet steps across the pine floor.

The floor creaked and we froze in our tracks, holding our breath and listening before daring to creep forward again. Finally, we reached the door and ever so carefully, I placed my hands next to the old-fashioned door knob.

“Well…..” she questioned, as I put my eye to the peephole to peer inside the locked room. “Can you see our Christmas presents?”