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100 Words – Battery Powered

This week one of my favorite writing prompts, the 100 Word Challenge, was revitalized by the fabulous Tara of Thin Spiral Notebook. She assigned the word “peculiar” and with that we’re off and running, er writing, again.

My entry this week is “Battery Powered.”

Through half closed eyes she looked down at the silver needle embedded in her wrist. The tube attached to it snaked across her arm and wound its way to the clear bag above her head.

As the anesthesia fog faded, she reached up with her unencumbered hand and gingerly felt the bandages protecting her chest. It was peculiar to think that under the gauze and tape was a tiny battery that would keep her heart beating for the rest of her life. She grinned and patted her sore ribcage gently. A scar and new hardware were better than the alternative.

Holiday Separation Anxiety

Soooooooo……I missed a day. Oops. Sorry NaBloPoMo, I went to bed at 8:00 last night and actually read for over an hour before I dropped my book on my face. I have zero regrets.

I woke up this morning and followed my usual routine (kick the boys out and sip my coffee while watching the news until I have to get ready for work.) As I scrolled through Facebook, I noticed someone had posted this with the caption ONLY 7 FRIDAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!


Are you kidding me!? It was just Halloween. I am in full blown Thanksgiving planning mode. I can’t think about Christmas yet. I don’t want to see a tree, a garland, a single strand of lights, or one nativity scene until my Thanksgiving leftovers are neatly packaged and put away. Trying to focus on Christmas before Thanksgiving is over gives me anxiety. TOO MANY HOLIDAYS AT ONCE! Do I buy stuffing ingredients or wrapping paper? Make cranberry sauce or find the stockings? It’s too much pressure and I am saying no no no.

For the first year in longer than I can remember, I am not making any Christmas presents this year. Not a single one. (I reserve the right to change my mind on December 20th and then become a crazy person until Christmas Eve.)  That’s right. Not a single ounce of Christmas craftiness will be done. 

Anywho, I’m going to take my holidays one at a time. Pardon me if I Scrooge all over the place until November 27th. I’m going to eat my turkey and cranberries and then I’ll start shopping.